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Unbricking SoftBricked moto g2 XT1068 without access to recovery mode and has not turned on usb debugging before

Hello guys,                            In this post I would like to talk about unbricking a dead(just had access to fastboot mode when we press all three buttons) Moto G2- second generation with Indian 4g version (XT1068) I recently fixed a device which is in such situation.I have the stock rom and all the essential tools to fix the device. Okay here we start..
1.Install all the required moto drivers in the pc. 2.Install mfastboot . 3.Download the stock rom and place the extracted list of all files in mfastboot folder. 4.That's it! you're good to go. 5.Go ahead and open command prompt in the same folder by holding shift and right click . 6.Turn your device to fastboot mode by holding the keys in right combination(vol. up +vol. down + power   or    vol. down +  vol. up) 7.I have a file which executes all the commands. Run that as administrator and you're done! 8.If any one find it useful reply here or mail me I'll provide you all the required files and clear any doubts you may e…

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