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Google branded headphones

Few hours ago, a pair of Google made, wireless headphones were sighted.
Is this the bad sign for Google pixel 2?
That's right guys. You got me!
Is that an indication that the next pixel device lack a headphone jack?
Hope that won't happen..
Got the source from Android authority

Jio to offer free again?

This is from a trusted source,way2online
Jio to offer free data again for one more year.!šŸ˜ŽšŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜ As a consequence of it's whopping subscribers list of over 1 million.(world's largest migration from free to paid).Rejoice! Jio is free for one more year! out all the details in the pic

Fabulous MI 6 is out! Really WOW's everyone.


2499 Chinese Yuan equals
    23414.86 Indian Rupee - 6GB+64GB 2899 Chinese Yuan equals     27200.62 Indian Rupee - 6GB+128GB 2999 Chinese Yuan equals     28125.83 Indian Rupee - 6GB+128GB(CERAMIC EDITION) That's all folks! Thank you for being with us today! — Mi (@xiaomi) April 19, 2017

        THE CERAMIC PHONE.. šŸ˜®šŸ˜²šŸ˜²šŸ˜²

You think that is all? Let Mi present to you... Mi 6 Ceramic! Read more here: — MIUI (@miuirom) April 19, 2017
Display is a large part of a Mi phone experience. How many of your use your phones late into the night, even when lights are out? — Mi (@xiaomi) April 19, 2017
There's also 1-nit ultra dark night display for those who reads on your Mi 6 late at night. — Mi (@xiaomi) April 19, 2017
There's also 1-nit ultra dark night display for those who…

Apt animation for the possible future of Snapchat in India ( ; | )


My Ideal Home - An English essay

You can search anything on flipkart from here...   I’m always a lover of technology. So, I like to use the latest tech whenever possible in whatever field I work or live. So as my home. Following that, I would like my home to be a Smart home. A smart home with all new features that the technology could provide.     To describe a few changes I would like to start with Home Security. The current system of home security is outdated. A big lock to the front door of the house (at least in most cases including my house). According to me, this way of keeping house safe is not a good idea. In most cases, we end up saying our neighbors to look after the house if we were on a vacation. Even though we had informed someone, we won't be hassle free without thinking about the house. So, an Ideal home should be free of all those security issues. This should be very secure such that anyone who wishes to enter the house should have the permission of the owner. It can be feasible using face re…

Jio summer surprise ends now.

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