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Want To Buy a New Redmi 4, watchout for these cons in Redmi 4 which are better in its predecessor.when will the 4gb ram variant will be out?

In this article, we will evaluate or find out whether it's good to buy a redmi 3s prime or redmi 4 now?
when will be the 4gb ram variant will be available for sale?
Does Redmi 4 have all the cool features that Redmi 3s/Prime has?
Difference between Redmi 3s/prime and Redmi 4?
checkout to know important details regarding redmi 4
redmi 4 specifications,
redmi 4 cost
redmi 4 worth it?
when is Redmi 4 available to buy?
where to buy it?
We'll find out all of them on this page.

Back in 2016, Xiaomi announced one of their best budget phones ever. It turned out to be a huge hit for Xiaomi India.Even now it is a better or even one could say the best option under 10k.
It was sold away like Hotcakes as every recent Xiaomi Phone does.

Having pros like a Huge battery, Snapdragon 430- octa-core chipset, Fast Recognising fingerprint sensor and an IR blaster on top made the device unique in that particular segment.
MIUI 8 also offers lots of cool tweaks and mods which are not found in stock a…

One of the Google I/O's awesome announcement is live!! Have a look at it here. (I/O - 17).

Many of us enjoyed the latest Google I/O-17.
Even though there are hardly any hardware announcements by google, Lot's of new software or improvisations of existing one's made the event a big hit.

This year it's more like the name say's "Developer's Conference".

I loved lots of features which are introduced under various categories like the new O in Android.
Good to have it in a beta release going live.
Unfortunately, that's not for all devices and it is just stockish.
But a few eligible devices like some Nexus and pixel users got the chance to enjoy it.

Also, we had SDK for google assistant for various platforms as simple as Raspberry Pi's.
Now,  also the iPhones!.
Yes! iPhone can have assistant now!(better that Siri in many ways :P)

But, coming to my favorite feature, I would say it "Google Lens". Even though it's not live yet, I was very excited to hear about that and can't wait to have it on my device.

I found my google assista…

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